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  Nature Pix VI: In The Mix With Twix 03:13 PM -- Sat August 20, 2005  

(a sponsored edition of Nature Pix!)

This is the grand finale because I don't want to do these anymore! I'll put up pix as interesting ones arrive in the future, though, just no mega-picture barrages anymore. Anyway, it's an extra large edition today, to close things out with a bang. Let's start with something decidedly unnatural:

This is our handiwork! It's the half of the cat run we have built so far. Unfortunately, without the other half, it can't contain cats, so it's not doing anyone any good right now. But in this small, dark, picture, you can't tell how poorly constructed it is! Also note the comfy hammock in the background.

Speaking of cats, remember how I said Zazzy looks really bad when you take her picture? Well, I got some good pictures, so I don't feel too guilty sharing some horrible pictures with you. They're funny:

She looks... special. But here are good ones!

In the lower picture she is playing with a water cap, the toy she loves.

And now without further ado, the big nature pix surprise that I happened to snap while I was on the phone with Solee shortly after starting this whole nature pix thing...

Serpentus Mariachius!! It's a rattlesnake! The lower right picture is to give you some size perspective (provided you know how big our propane tank is...) - he was maybe four feet! That's the first living snake we have seen out here, and what a monster it was! You can kinda see the rattle sticking up in the lower left picture. So wow! What a finale! A rattlesnake, people! Lucky for us, he was on his way into the neighbor's yard when I got the picture, so he's not our problem now. Hope they're enjoying his company!

So, that's the big finale to Nature Pix. We hope you have enjoyed your stay here with Nature Pix, and please make sure you don't leave any of your belongings behind. Happy trails!

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