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  New Experiences 08:27 PM -- Mon August 22, 2005  

Earlier tonight I was having an experience I've never had before (and I bet you haven't either): I was stirring a pot of sweet and sour sauce with one hand, while holding a jar with a spider in it with my other hand. It was certainly not a life-changing moment, but it made me stop and think "weird." I also thought "I hope he doesn't get out."

Very little Ninja progress of late. That's a combination of laziness and a bombardment of other things needing to get done. But I have implemented the tutorial system, which makes scrolls of text pop up at certain points to teach you your moves. I've also created the moonshine still, which is kind of the 'end of level' marker. If you touch it, the screen warps away into whiteness (because you're traveling through time) and the level ends. It's a cool effect.

On a side note, Kid Mystic for the Mac has begun! I have been informed that it is already playable (since the code is so similar to Loonyland, the guy porting it had very little trouble), and may in fact be done. It just needs to be tested out and have whatever problems crop up get fixed. How's that for a sudden surprise?! We're almost a full-fledged crossplatform studio here.

I wanted to say this too: I finally finished Kingdom Hearts. I have no idea why I finished it, but I did. I was compelled by the whole collecting-of-various-things element that all RPGs have, despite the fact that Kingdom Hearts is a horrible game! It's AWFUL! There's just too many things wrong to properly complain about. But let me say this, a lot of people play RPGs for their stories. I hope those people never play this game. Because they will seriously hurt their brains. This was a game that really got me thinking about all the things in videogames that we just do because it's a game, and you know you have to do it to advance. Like you see a glowing pillar of light, so you walk up and touch it, knowing that it will do something. That is not real life. If I see a glowing pillar of light in real life, I move away from it, to avoid third degree burns. I also don't look directly at it. Games are just so random. They have their own internal non-logic, and you just follow it without even thinking. There's a monster, you start smacking it. There's a door, you open it. There's any item that looks not nailed down, you start grabbing. That's videogames!
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