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  Sneak Peek: Super Happy Go Go Ninja Time 04:59 PM -- Wed August 31, 2005  

This is the work in progress on the Timeline screen. That's where you pick which Era you want to play. Each one is a glowing blob on a wavy timeline of the history of the world (there's no reason it curves, I just thought a straight line would be very boring). The inset shot shows you that (I just made repeated copies of the Ninja Academy era for testing, so there's a lot of Feb 11, 1925). The not-inset shot shows what happens when you try to move from a nice normal year like 1925 to a far away year like 30,000 BC. It's a really cool effect, it scrolls at ludicrous speed and all those globs that were floating around happily turn into streaks of light. By the way, you don't actually control the ninja on this screen, he's just floating through space-time from each era to the next as you select them. The menu stuff at the bottom is going to be all replaced, it's not what I want at all.

Technical note: this was the first time I ever tried implementing bezier curves. I of course grabbed the code off the net as usual (hooray for the internets!), but I was amazed at how easily it worked, it was great. Makes me want to make curvy things all over the place.
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