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  Personal Responsibility, My Eye! 01:59 PM -- Sun September 4, 2005  

Warning: hurricane oriented.

Extreme looting!! Oh the horror! What an awful kid to have committed such a heinous act! Hopefully they can punish him severely and let that be a lesson to anyone else who dares to save 100 peoples' lives.

But anyway... In other news, a bunny died in our yard, and now we have a buzzard! It's the cycle of life. My sisters came out to see our house yesterday and seemed to like it a lot. Unfortunately, my sister's kids got to discover the dead bunny with us. I think they got steered away pretty well, though.

I will try to be more on top of this journaling thing. I have not been very bloggy of late. I will surely have wonderfully exciting things to tell you about, but at present, nothing much. I hope the disaster management starts actually getting managed to some degree in the near future. What's happening now is as much travesty as it is tragedy.
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