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  Busy Week 02:04 PM -- Sat September 10, 2005  

So it's been crazy all week. Sunday, we stayed the night with my sister and her family at a timeshare in Carlsbad. Monday, big Labor Day BBQ at my parents'. Thursday, trip up to Anaheim to visit my aunt & uncle. Friday from there to Disneyland (and then the looong drive home!). Thursday and Friday were spent with a cold too (thanks to the sister's kids!), making them more difficult. But still quite fun! So, here's the tidbits:

  • The radio controlled Hummer is amazingly accurate - the battery runs out in a few minutes*, and it has the turning radius of a brick that's been glued to the ground. Seriously, the turning radius is funny - you crank the controller hard left and the wheels tilt about 5 degrees. It has to be intentional!
  • Said in complete innocence by my nephew when asked which ride was his favorite at Disneyland: "The one with the frickin' laser beams!" What makes it so funny is that he wasn't making a joke, he just thought that was the proper way to describe something that has laser beams, thanks to Austin Powers. Specifically, that was the Astro Blasters ride, which is way cool because you get to use a laser gun and can spin your car around with a joystick, so you shoot at targets, and it keeps score.
  • As you're facing the Matterhorn line, the one you want to enter is the left-hand one. It's way faster and more exciting than the right-hand track!
  • Yay, Space Mountain! Twice!
  • This was a great time to go to Disneyland - even though it was a Friday, there were almost no lines at all. What was scary was that we were still shoving our way through dense crowds the whole time. It must be horrendous to actually walk around there when the lines are full!
  • News flash: food at Disneyland is not very high quality, and extremely expensive. Shocked?
  • Some internal work on Ninja Academy got done on the couple of days between adventures.
  • You know what's sad? When you were in the very first Power Rangers season, and you came back this season as a special surprise. That guy is like 30 years old now! Guess his feature film career must not be taking off. And yes, I recognized him because I watched Power Rangers in college! Why wouldn't I!?
That's all. Or it's all I can remember. We drove late into the night, slept in late, and are still recovering from illness.

*Just kidding about the battery - for the little time we drove it, it was fine. But it really helped the story!
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