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  Perfection Of Flavor 04:48 PM -- Mon September 12, 2005  

You know what the perfection of flavor is? Wheat Thins lightly dabbed with just a bit of Laughing Cow cheese. It is almost is if the two products were intelligently designed to merge together into an unholy burst of saltiferous cheesiosity, a conspiracy of flavor straight from the Illuminati's top chefs. Of course, I'm not actually a snooty opera-goer in a top hat, ergo I can't actually afford Laughing Cow, so thanks Kakey & Joe for making this glorious amalgamation a reality. Ah, but alas, just like hot dogs and buns, the cheese in a Laughing Cow box is no quantitative match for the crackers in a box of Wheat Thins, and so now I sit, alone and dejected, with nothing but stacks of rectilinear salty wheat before me. Of course, I will still eat them. But I do miss the cheese.

Okay, I'll admit the truth. I am working on 3 separate projects at once and have been for a couple of weeks. But I'm still keeping two of them secret! The only hint you get is that I do hope to have a Halloween surprise for you this year as I try to every year. And you can rest assured that that surprise will not be the release of Ninja Time! Not unless I discover my own time-traveling moonshine still.

So what do you find to be the perfection of flavor? I'm well aware there is more than one - a good apple pie with crumb topping for example. But it's the hidden ones that are so special. Just as the duality of cheese and wheat disrupts the time-taste continuum, so surely are there others which can accomplish the same. Aren't there? I'm looking at you, chocolate and peanut butter!
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