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  Caught in the Web 06:21 PM -- Thu September 15, 2005  

The web is an evil thing. I should just learn to disconnect and do my work while offline! Today I did no work at all, and it's 4pm. I've spent the whole day flitting back and forth between a few websites reading comments, articles, stories, forums, whatever. Well, I also hauled trash to the dump, which was a remarkably long process. The web is evil!!! Such a nasty addiction. I clearly need to get back to having some rules against it (the poker chip thing I was on previously has died out).

Two nature notes: we saw our first roadrunner out here. Also, there are these little boring birds that cluster on the power lines on the main road near here every afternoon... I wanted to get a picture, but today was apparently the exception, maybe because it was hot for the first time in a while. They cover the wires, maybe 2 inches apart from each other, a solid mass for several hundred feet. It's creepy! I did try to get you a picture, sorry I couldn't. Oh, and did I mention before that there was a praying mantis who came to hang out on the screen of my office window each evening? Pretty big too.

I'm working on putting the merge together (oh yeah, I sorta did some work - tested out some merge levels and started on the hub for it), and will be getting together with Sol tonight to whittle down the HH name list. So hold on and tomorrow both of those things should be ready to rock. See you then!

Oh hey, speaking of Buffy, if you are in a Buffy box-set buying mood, definitely check out The Chosen Collection. We have only 3 of the 7 seasons left to buy, and it would be almost a break-even for us to buy the collection instead! It's all of the seasons (same exact content as the individual box sets, commentaries and all), plus an extra bonus disc with a documentary, for $130. Once we Ebay the sets we already have, we'll actually sort of make a profit by switching to it! I mean, we won't actually end up gaining money, but we'll probably end up having paid a total of about $30 for all 7 seasons. So I just wanted to point out that deal. If you want Buffy, that's the way to get it!
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