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  Shhedjule 10:11 AM -- Tue September 20, 2005  

(I like to pronounce it that way for fun) Well, it's that time again - the web problems I mentioned last time have become too harmful too bear, and thusly a new schedule is born! This happens every few months. It's always nice and effective when it first kicks in, so this should be good. Of course, I'm doing an awful lot of projects, but it'll do. And that keeps me from getting too bored on any one.

This is a simple schedule like I've done before - just the days of the week broken into hour blocks, with a lot of different activities scattered around. So I'm never doing the same thing for more than 2 hours, keeping the interest high, and keeping me from blowing anything off. Each day has a different arrangement, so it's always an adventure.

When your only pressure comes from yourself, getting work done can be tough. So part of the value of a schedule like this actually lies in when it tells me not to work. See, without a schedule, I always feel like I should be getting my game done. It'll be 6 at night, and I'm thinking "I didn't do much today, I should go try to do something...". That's totally unproductive, because it means I never want to work. By limiting it, and saying I can only work during these 3 or 4 hours (work on games that is, I have other work scattered throughout, like chores, website, marketing), then when those hours are up, and I don't let myself work anymore, I become almost eager to get to work again. I guess you always want what you can't have. Motivation is the biggest problem when you're not working for someone else, so finding tricks to deal with that is always the plan.

So anyway, right now I am on "Web" time, which is why I'm writing a journal entry. But I ought to do some more productive web stuff. I have a fairly long list of website changes. Let's start by fixing up the archive format on this journal!
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