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  Fun n' Games 03:25 PM -- Thu September 22, 2005  

Ah, so I fixed the Ninja bug in the first couple minutes of my workday! Then I got a bunch more done. You can now complete (some) goals in the level, and they get marked off and everything. I still have one more Ninja hour later on today, I'll have to finish up the goal stuff. I also made the model for the Trainee, the first enemy you fight that can actually move (well, obviously I "made" it by starting from the Time Ninja himself, who incidentally was modeled from the scared guy in Habitat For Horror):

There's the closest thing to a Sneak Peek you're getting for a while! Nothing new and exciting to show.

So here's the latest Game Design Showdown I've entered: BGDF Forum. See if you can guess which game is mine. It shouldn't be too hard actually, for you guys. I will reveal the answer once voting on that site is done (oh, and please don't go and vote, that's just not fair, and I would be really embarrassed... if you wanna join that site though, join up and vote next month! Hey, enter your own design next month too!). I really like my entry in this contest more than usual. I've been thinking to make a prototype and try it out if I ever have a spare moment.

Okay, so I'm on my web time, I've gotta go look some stuff up and do some work.
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