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  Giftbot! 10:51 AM -- Wed December 20, 2006  

Giftbot had a major malfunction in his electropropulser drive earlier this week, and has been in the shop in Giftopia, undergoing extensive repairs. This has prevented him from appearing in the chatroom for the past two days. The good news is, he will be back today, with a double load of gifts! While the tech crew worked on him in the shop, he actually installed a backpack-mounted secondary gift launcher himself. So today is the day to rack up serious giftbot rewards. In fact, for the first time, Giftbot is announcing his schedule! He will be in at noon Pacific Time today (that is 3:09 from right now). So come by! If the room is full when you get there, hang around. Giftbot has a tendency to deal harshly with those who don't win at his games. You can try to get in when someone else is kicked out!
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  BRR! 07:20 PM -- Sat December 16, 2006  

I haven't journaled in quite some time. I had a legitimate reason for that (which some of you know!) and many illegitimate reasons. But anyway, tis the season to be busy with stuff around the house. We just put up some lights outside. I practically got frostbite out there! Not sure why exactly we waited until dark to do that...

We also shipped out all the presents we had to ship to other people today (not counting the constant flood of keychains I'm having to send out), so all of our shopping and shipping is all done. It's rather nice. For the next week and a half, we just sit around with all the presents in place and await their opening.

All that, and Loonyland 2! It's been fun tweaking the skills and stuff to make things more balanced. Less fun to fix bugs, but nice to know they're getting fixed and it's closer to done. I've slacked immensely on the ending movie. I do have part of it done, which is progress. It's the only thing that's actually not done in the game. Everything else is done and just maybe a wee bit buggy. Ah, my hands are thawing out, they feel like they're burning. Good eventide to you all!
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  Sneak Peek: Duhcember 11:46 PM -- Fri December 8, 2006  

A plural, 7 letter, slang/jargon word that starts with M.
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  Shush 02:54 PM -- Fri December 1, 2006  

I'm having so much fun! And working so hard! I hope you all enjoy both Duhcember and Loonyland 2, which are both finally here after enormous hours of labor in the past few days (LL2 also required a year of labor before that, and will still require some months more to be totally done). Duhcember's got tons of stuff going on, click the big logo up top to see! You never know where you might find secret codes for it. Setting up that whole puzzle is really fun for me. I'm not entirely done yet.

I'm also excited about the fan art contest. I'm really hoping to see some unique things - will anybody make me a movie? A song? Something I can't even think of myself? I hope so. I want to see some wacky stuff.

Visit that Duhcember page to learn about it all, and to get your coupon code to save 10% on the preorder of Loonyland 2 that I just know you're about to order right this second! Get to it!

Merry Duhcember!!
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