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  Nano nono 04:44 PM -- Tue November 28, 2006  

I sure haven't journaled in a loooong time. Yes, I gave up on Nanowrimo weeks ago. It just came down to the importance of getting LL2 done. Or that's what I told myself. I did have a constant stream of ideas that I could keep the book going with, but it wasn't something I really wanted to work on, or cared about the end product of, and whenever I worked on it I felt like I was wasting Loonytime. So I did Loony things instead. Which is good. That is going very very well and is really almost done now.

So that and other surprises are in store in the near future. Hooray! I was just crumbled to death in the forum game of Christmas Mafia. I am sad about that, because I was a goodguy! Actually, I'm more sad that I never get to use my awesome ninja powers. It is kind of relaxing being out of it now though. Less stress!

So despite the long delay, I apparently have nothing meaningful to share at the moment. Stay tuned for more soon. By the way, today is the last day to vote on Winter Wackiness names, so you could do that!
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  Nano Day 9 01:27 PM -- Thu November 9, 2006  

How did it get to day 9 already!? But, I have picked up the pace. I am at 11,270. The most useful thing for me has been WackieWatty, who is always slightly ahead of me, forcing me to push on to make a good example. Or to stick it to him.

I actually don't really like my story. That's a bit disheartening, to think that I'll toil for a month, crank out all these words, and then just throw it away because it's just no good. Last year, I wrote stuff that was very bad, very bad indeed. But I liked the story. Theoretically, I could take that and edit/rewrite into something splendiferous. But this year, from what I can tell, such a thing is highly unlikely. But who knows? The miracle of novel writing is that things change dramatically and unexpectedly. Already, many twists and turns have jumped into places where they weren't intended, and things are going differently than I had envisioned. But it comes together. And that's what you discover doing this - that stories write themselves, if you can just keep pushing on. It's all in the microdecisions. My characters were sitting at a house waiting for the owner to return, so I had to decide what they'd do. They watched TV (of course), which led to a whole new twist, because the guy who lives there is an anti-government survivalist militia nut, so the characters learned interesting things from his TV (he gets illegal channels from outside the country, because in my story, the government doesn't allow foreign ideas to corrupt citizens).

So onward I must push!
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  Slowly we go 06:46 PM -- Wed November 8, 2006  

Nanowrimo is slow. I'm just not full of verve and spangly pizzazz about this story. It's kind of annoying, because I know what needs to happen and what to write, but I just don't feel like doing it. But a bigger issue is that I'm very busy! I'm trying to get LL2 done here. I'm tempted to drop out of Nano to max out my LL2 time, but I don't want to give up, and furthermore, like I said, I know what I need to write! Sigh. I am at 9158 words. I spent my writing time today setting up Word to make my writing look like a novel. Now there are way fewer words on a page, since the pages are much smaller, so I feel like I'm making progress. I think it was a good move.

I had a bunch of LL2 comments here, but I have moved them to Sneak Peek where they belong!
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  Sneak Peek: Loonyland II: Winter Woods 06:46 PM -- Wed November 8, 2006  

Same pic. But LL2 is getting so close. I keep finding things that are basically done. I drew a "P" tile from my bag of tiles that tell me what to do. That meant I had to do artwork (P is for picture!). Only, I found very little artwork to do! I ended up just adding some arrows that the spell selector needed, and updating the mushroom graphics a little to make them appear to stick to the ground more (hardly noticeable, it turns out, but marginally better). I also could've done artwork for the final boss, which is the only other piece of artwork left to do, but my art time was up. Other nearly done things include sound and music (just a couple sound effects to go, for the last few bosses), levels (just need to put in a few presents and make the final boss battle and the area that leads up to it), skills and talents (all done!), and quests (all done except of course the final boss slaying). The only real glaring absence is the bonus stuff and menus - there's currently no way to adjust volume or set your keys or any stuff like that, and there are no game modifiers or other such things to unlock. I hate doing that stuff (not the modifiers! No way! The menus and configuration options).
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  Hey America! 09:33 AM -- Tue November 7, 2006  


This has been a public service announcement from Hamumu Software.
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  Nano Day 3 01:31 PM -- Fri November 3, 2006  

I have not written a word since day 1. Hopefully I will write later today though. But in general, I am doing nothing today. Wow, am I so very doing nothing. Well, I did the dishes, and now I'm writing this journal. But you'd think I would work on Loonyland and write a nanonovel. I seem not to be doing those things. Bleg. I know I should. I kind of want to in some ways. I have ideas I want to get done in both things. And yet, I don't do it. I play Guild Wars, that's good. But that is all. And oddly, I only do that a little. Most of the time, I do nothing at all. Nothing!

Today is an odd day.
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  Nano Day 1 10:06 PM -- Wed November 1, 2006  

A very productive day all around. I am 3450 words into a Nanonovel! I also accomplished assorted LL2 tasks. There is now a place to store items, like the Diablo stash, though you need to earn it the hard way. And Guild Wars: Nightfall arrived, so then I had to play that. So progress on all fronts, including imaginary ones. What will tomorrow bring? Abject failure, or a breakthrough? An exciting new LL2 boss, or big bugs? Slaying killer plants, or big bugs (in Guild Wars)? All of these are possible and more, if you just imagineer it! Tra-la-la diddly heidley day-o! Sorry, you'd have to picture David Cross saying that.
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