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  Nano Day 1 10:06 PM -- Wed November 1, 2006  

A very productive day all around. I am 3450 words into a Nanonovel! I also accomplished assorted LL2 tasks. There is now a place to store items, like the Diablo stash, though you need to earn it the hard way. And Guild Wars: Nightfall arrived, so then I had to play that. So progress on all fronts, including imaginary ones. What will tomorrow bring? Abject failure, or a breakthrough? An exciting new LL2 boss, or big bugs? Slaying killer plants, or big bugs (in Guild Wars)? All of these are possible and more, if you just imagineer it! Tra-la-la diddly heidley day-o! Sorry, you'd have to picture David Cross saying that.
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