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  Nano Day 9 01:27 PM -- Thu November 9, 2006  

How did it get to day 9 already!? But, I have picked up the pace. I am at 11,270. The most useful thing for me has been WackieWatty, who is always slightly ahead of me, forcing me to push on to make a good example. Or to stick it to him.

I actually don't really like my story. That's a bit disheartening, to think that I'll toil for a month, crank out all these words, and then just throw it away because it's just no good. Last year, I wrote stuff that was very bad, very bad indeed. But I liked the story. Theoretically, I could take that and edit/rewrite into something splendiferous. But this year, from what I can tell, such a thing is highly unlikely. But who knows? The miracle of novel writing is that things change dramatically and unexpectedly. Already, many twists and turns have jumped into places where they weren't intended, and things are going differently than I had envisioned. But it comes together. And that's what you discover doing this - that stories write themselves, if you can just keep pushing on. It's all in the microdecisions. My characters were sitting at a house waiting for the owner to return, so I had to decide what they'd do. They watched TV (of course), which led to a whole new twist, because the guy who lives there is an anti-government survivalist militia nut, so the characters learned interesting things from his TV (he gets illegal channels from outside the country, because in my story, the government doesn't allow foreign ideas to corrupt citizens).

So onward I must push!
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