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  Sneak Peek: Loonyland II: Winter Woods 06:46 PM -- Wed November 8, 2006  

Same pic. But LL2 is getting so close. I keep finding things that are basically done. I drew a "P" tile from my bag of tiles that tell me what to do. That meant I had to do artwork (P is for picture!). Only, I found very little artwork to do! I ended up just adding some arrows that the spell selector needed, and updating the mushroom graphics a little to make them appear to stick to the ground more (hardly noticeable, it turns out, but marginally better). I also could've done artwork for the final boss, which is the only other piece of artwork left to do, but my art time was up. Other nearly done things include sound and music (just a couple sound effects to go, for the last few bosses), levels (just need to put in a few presents and make the final boss battle and the area that leads up to it), skills and talents (all done!), and quests (all done except of course the final boss slaying). The only real glaring absence is the bonus stuff and menus - there's currently no way to adjust volume or set your keys or any stuff like that, and there are no game modifiers or other such things to unlock. I hate doing that stuff (not the modifiers! No way! The menus and configuration options).
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