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  Giftbot! 10:51 AM -- Wed December 20, 2006  

Giftbot had a major malfunction in his electropropulser drive earlier this week, and has been in the shop in Giftopia, undergoing extensive repairs. This has prevented him from appearing in the chatroom for the past two days. The good news is, he will be back today, with a double load of gifts! While the tech crew worked on him in the shop, he actually installed a backpack-mounted secondary gift launcher himself. So today is the day to rack up serious giftbot rewards. In fact, for the first time, Giftbot is announcing his schedule! He will be in at noon Pacific Time today (that is 3:09 from right now). So come by! If the room is full when you get there, hang around. Giftbot has a tendency to deal harshly with those who don't win at his games. You can try to get in when someone else is kicked out!
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