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  Just a note 12:53 PM -- Wed August 29, 2007  

Now all Sneak Peeks are contained here, in the Journal! They're also still in the Sneak Peeks. Just doing this for the new site. Since the Journal and Sneak Peek are actually the same thing in almost every way, and neither gets posted in often enough, I'm merging them on the new site. Let me know if you spot anything that went wrong with the merge!
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  Right on, schedule! 06:44 PM -- Tue August 28, 2007  

Well, I'm in a week of being scheduled. That's why I'm writing this - this is my "writing" hour. Since I don't want to write anything else, I will write a journal entry. I'm enjoying it so far. I already got my schedule disrupted, about an hour into it in the first place - had to take the dogs to the vet yesterday (by myself, two dogs that go insane whenever they see another dog... that's an adventure I didn't need). So that erased a chunk of yesterday, but then the rest of the day was on track and quite fun. I even made some concept art for a new game I am often thinking about, and made really nice progress on Loonyland: Titan Tunnels. It's still nowhere near functional, but I made a lot of code.

I've finally gotten somewhere on getting my merchant account, and so the website is moving much more quickly now. Now, I don't actually HAVE the merchant account, but at least I'm talking to them and filling out forms at this point. It took so long to get my business license renewed (somehow the first application I mailed got lost for well over a month, then I ended up getting TWO business licenses when I sent in another app) that the person I had been talking to at the merchant account place no longer works there. So that was something I had to work out, finding a new person there. And now it's all moving.

Some tidbits on the new site - the age-old classic Hamumu discount is making a comeback. Order more than one game at once, and you get 20% off the total! That is a huge deal. Then there's of course the power to spend Yerfbucks in place of money (each Yerfbuck is worth a whopping $0.01, but considering how easy they are to earn, you're doing nicely there). The Yerfbucks are great for rewarding loyal fans. They're easy to earn, IF you are someone who hangs out here all the time. If you just drop in and buy something, you could get $0.50 worth for signing up, but that's about it.

And lastly, I've been thinking about how I'll do shipping again, and I think I've decided to go back to handling it by hand. That means the classic $5 per game CD cost also returns (that's the combined cost for the materials and shipping anywhere in the world). That's usually cheaper than what you pay now, since currently the CD versions have higher prices to begin with, but not always for some people (it's a great deal if you don't live in the US!). What I like about it is that it's simple.

I'm also abolishing taxes. Yes, read my lips! There's only one circumstance where I would normally collect tax - a CD order to someone in California. That's such an insignificant percentage of the orders I get, I don't mind. I'll pay the tax for you. Besides, it saves me from implementing the code to handle it. No VAT either, for you types who deal with that.

Well, now I'm done with the journal, but I still have 17 minutes in my writing hour. And three of the cats are huddled around me, staring at me and occasionally squawking. It's almost their dinner time. I have to carefully avoid looking at them, or they squeak at me in desperation. Hmm, now 16 minutes.
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  Been A While 08:07 PM -- Fri August 24, 2007  

Still WoWless. Things have been very hectic as the school year starts up simultaneously with the start of our friendly local tutoring business (the not-updated tutortemecula.com - if you're a Temeculan, come get help lernin' your thinkin'!). I help out with that stuff, and get root canals and crowns, repair the pipe that brings water to our house (which I broke), work on the website... that sort of thing! There's always something keeping me from having plans.

But I'm here talking to you today to tell you this: I'm turning over a new leaf! This leaf. You can't see it, but it's here, and I'm turning it over. In the process, I'm starting another of my famous schedules. If you don't know, those are where I make a chart of how I'm going to spend my time (or sometimes make up a game, like getting points for doing things I should - but this time it's a chart), and then I stick to it religiously! For a week. So that's what I'm doing. Now that school is started, and hopefully emergency situations are all behind me, life can get more patterned instead of random insanity.

I actually created my schedule on Wednesday. Then it was blown on Thursday when I had to go into town for the dentist, and blown today when I had to fix the water pipes if I was in the mood to flush toilets and use showers and drink. But again, we'll say the emergencies are behind us, and life can be normal starting on Monday.

As for the website, lots of good things done there. Nothing amazing and new, but more and more pages getting set up in the new site, and more of the basic features coming together. Now the Contact Us page automatically fills in your email address if you're logged in. That's handy for all the people who keep sending me things from invalid addresses. Always a treat to write out a lengthy reply to someone and then see it bounce back! I'll soon have that implemented for the journal and sneak peek too, so when you want to comment, it'll just be a pop and a bobbin and bob's your uncle. Or whatever.

Bonus: a poem I composed in the shower:

Terrible Torgenson,
he built a house.
But the house that he built
was the size of a mouse!
People came by,
and they all asked him, "Why?
Is this a house for a housefly?"

So Torgenson said,
that in journals he'd read,
as you age, you decrease in height.
So according to him,
It was not just a whim -
When he's 90, it will fit just right!

Don't you just want a book of such gems? Maybe you can get one someday!
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  Sneak Peek: New Website 04:04 PM -- Mon August 13, 2007  

This screen is probably making you scroll horizontally, but that's what you get! Also, you can't find where the edges of it are, since it's the same color as this site. Haha!

As you can see, it's The Avatar Lab. You purchase avatar parts with Yerfbucks, and then you can stack up to 5 parts into your final avatar image. You can horizontally flip them via the FLIP buttons here, and adjust their position with the X and Y boxes. The sunglasses were originally made to go on a Squash avatar, so I had to flip them and adjust their position to fit this lady. There's handy instructions that pop up when you put the cursor on any of those buttons. I might have to up it to more than 5 parts. Won't be any trouble to do so. Since it takes 3 parts to build your person (head, body, pants) most of the time, that doesn't leave much room for accessories.

I know this is a pretty odd avatar I currently have. I just started cranking out a bunch of parts one day, and this is some of them.
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  WoWless Saturday 09:07 AM -- Sat August 4, 2007  

Bad news, everyone! My prepaid time card for WoW has expired. I am now WoWless. Whatever shall I do?! I'll get another time card sometime, but I will wait as long as possible. Also, I know I haven't done the newsletter for this month yet. I'm dragging my feet because it's going to be so dull. Nothing has happened, and we have no new anything to discuss! Still working on getting the new site ready to go, it will be exciting and all that. But in the meantime, dum de dum, nothing going on.
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