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  The Big Fancy 10:23 AM -- Fri November 14, 2008  

Hey, I got the forum updated yesterday, and it's chock-full of new and exciting features! They're somewhat hidden really, but you'll stumble across them as you go. It's turned into kind of a mini-Facebook, where you can leave messages to people on their profile pages, and make friends and see giant blown-up versions of avatars which I quite like. For example, here's my page. Then you can 'social groups', which don't really mean much, but you can place messages in them too! Here's The Hamumians, a group nobody should not be in. Maybe I need to figure out how to work game-related info into one of those tabs on your profile page, so we don't have separate Dumb Pages... sounds hard.

In other news, don't miss your chance (if you own the Creator's Pass) to win a free and early copy of The Winter Pack! The contest is here. It's pretty confusing, but the gist is that to win, you must invent a contest for other people to win. If you make the contest idea I like best, you win! Then I'll run your contest, and two other people will win that, for a total of 3 winners. Perfectly logical, I assure you.

Chimneys, Fireplaces, Gas Mains, Baby Penguins, and Igloos are all now in the Winter Pack. You'll have to find out what those are all for when it comes out! I've also got a new background in, but I haven't yet found a place to fit a "change background" button. I am implementing a really simple easter egg related to that, though, you'll just have to find it. There are 4 slots left in the Winter tab in the editor, so I'm going to try implementing "North Wind" today, and if it's cool (as north wind tends to be), I'll fill those 4 slots with 4 directions of wind. Simply, spaces that blow anything on them in the given direction. That'll be in the Light layer, I imagine. Being a bit tired of invisible things, I'll try adding some little particles that get blown around to make them visible.
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