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  Best Halloween Ever! 08:57 PM -- Fri October 31, 2008  

Here it is! There have been tons of surprises this year, I think lots more than last year! Here's a link where a lot of them are listed, but you might have to explore around the forum to find yet more: BHE Surprises. More are still to come as far as I know!

We've only had a few entries posted in the Costume Party Contest! I know of at least one more that should be there, don't know why it hasn't been posted. But hey, if you want to win 995 Yerfbucks, get in there! There's still time if you are a pro costume-builder.

And of course, I should inform you that Costume Party, the game, is here! Now you know the secret behind the 995 Yerfbuck prize in the costume contest... it's exactly enough to buy a Creator's Pass for Costume Party! There are also a ton of new avatar bits from that game, and a bunch of new trophies you can earn related to it as well!

If that weren't enough, Halloween Horror 9 is here, with 5 exciting Supreme worlds, and we also have two other Supreme Add-Ons, LOST Island and Cheeseworld. Gotta catch 'em all!

I'll have more news about the BHE2008 tomorrow, once it's officially closed. Then I'll have to tally up all the winners and figure out how many Yerfbucks they get, and set up the voting for the Costume Contest. It's a busy time of year, and I have to go eat some Pumpkin Roll.
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  It's A Bad Sign... 08:27 PM -- Tue October 28, 2008  

...when my journal page is no longer in my browser history! Just a couple more days and the excitement begins! Believe me when I tell you there is a lot of stuff to come on Halloween! This post is not very interesting or helpful (look at the previous post if you need reminders of what you should be getting ready! Come on man, you could win 995 YB just for dressing up silly!), it's just here to hopefully catch a few people who were going to forget about the festivities. So let me tell you this:

Come visit Hamumu on Halloween! Visit it many times throughout the day, because more exciting stuff will be appearing all the time (courtesy of your fellow Hamumians - the surprises I have in store will all be more-or-less simultaneous). Hang out on the forum, and come into our brand new Chat Room (not much more interesting looking than the old one, but this one doesn't break!) to talk with your fellow spooks and ghouls. I know you have other things planned for Halloween too, I'm just asking you to pop in a few times during the day and see what is happening! It will be well worth it.

I'll also be back into regular blogging once Halloween is over, beginning with some big bombshells. I'm gonna get to work composing those right now, in fact. See ya.
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  Boo! Halloween Events! 08:19 PM -- Mon October 13, 2008  

Man, what a great month this always is. It's getting spooky outside (obnoxiously cold too... I miss open windows and being sweaty hot way back last week), with a massive windstorm all day whipping across the land and howling like a wolfman in need of candy corn. There's a Costume Party in the works, and make sure you're getting ready for it yourself, because the prize is no less than 995 Yerfbucks!. The Great Pumpkin is stalking the land with horrific cheer and terrifyingly delightful gifts for anyone who chats with him. It's a whole lot of Halloween Horror... Why, you could almost say that it's the Best Halloween Ever!

Yes, I don't have a lot to tell you this month. I've been working extremely hard. So hard, in fact, that I'm considering a sort of semi-vacation for November (hmm, conveniently the month of Nanowrimo!). The site upgrades (no, there's nothing visible) were absolutely necessary to get certain things working. Too bad they also broke the site in various ways for a few days. It's kind of lame to be doing so much stuff and not having anything I can blog about, but I guess that's the nature of sekricy. Sorry! I would enjoy telling you as much as you would enjoy hearing! But then that would ruin the enjoyment for both of us on Halloween!
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  Site Failure! 09:20 PM -- Sun October 12, 2008  

We've been through some serious ups and downs in the past few days with the site upgrades that seemed like downgrades. But I think they're over... not holding any of my breath, though. I think even the nightly update will actually function now! Sorry for the massive upheavals. See you tomorrow!
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  Ninja Kitty! 12:18 PM -- Mon October 6, 2008  

But wait, that's not what I mean! What I'm actually referring to is Ninja Kitty Vs. The Nukebots, a very simple and intense action shooter. It's mouse controlled, left click only. Enjoy! And make some levels, it's not hard to do.

(The Youtube video is just a great coincidence, something Sol found on Youtube while I was working on the game, not in relation to it)
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  Best Halloween Ever! 10:35 AM -- Sat October 4, 2008  

Begins! Events this month:

Best Halloween Ever contest

Costume Party contest

The Great Pumpkin visits

Halloween Horror 9

Can you believe HH has been around 9 years? Some of the people working on HH worlds weren't alive when the first one came out! Maybe not, but some people who have made worlds fit that description. Next year will be the tenth anniversary!

This weekend, however, is yet another Mini-LD contest! The theme this time is quite interesting. It's to make a game that reads in BMP files as levels, and works with ones given certain colors. It's up to you to decide what each color on the map means. I have a fun take on that that I am working on right now! I hope I can have it done in time, because it feels like a fun idea.
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