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  It's A Bad Sign... 08:27 PM -- Tue October 28, 2008  

...when my journal page is no longer in my browser history! Just a couple more days and the excitement begins! Believe me when I tell you there is a lot of stuff to come on Halloween! This post is not very interesting or helpful (look at the previous post if you need reminders of what you should be getting ready! Come on man, you could win 995 YB just for dressing up silly!), it's just here to hopefully catch a few people who were going to forget about the festivities. So let me tell you this:

Come visit Hamumu on Halloween! Visit it many times throughout the day, because more exciting stuff will be appearing all the time (courtesy of your fellow Hamumians - the surprises I have in store will all be more-or-less simultaneous). Hang out on the forum, and come into our brand new Chat Room (not much more interesting looking than the old one, but this one doesn't break!) to talk with your fellow spooks and ghouls. I know you have other things planned for Halloween too, I'm just asking you to pop in a few times during the day and see what is happening! It will be well worth it.

I'll also be back into regular blogging once Halloween is over, beginning with some big bombshells. I'm gonna get to work composing those right now, in fact. See ya.
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