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  Best Halloween Ever! 10:35 AM -- Sat October 4, 2008  

Begins! Events this month:

Best Halloween Ever contest

Costume Party contest

The Great Pumpkin visits

Halloween Horror 9

Can you believe HH has been around 9 years? Some of the people working on HH worlds weren't alive when the first one came out! Maybe not, but some people who have made worlds fit that description. Next year will be the tenth anniversary!

This weekend, however, is yet another Mini-LD contest! The theme this time is quite interesting. It's to make a game that reads in BMP files as levels, and works with ones given certain colors. It's up to you to decide what each color on the map means. I have a fun take on that that I am working on right now! I hope I can have it done in time, because it feels like a fun idea.
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