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  Best Halloween Ever! 08:57 PM -- Fri October 31, 2008  

Here it is! There have been tons of surprises this year, I think lots more than last year! Here's a link where a lot of them are listed, but you might have to explore around the forum to find yet more: BHE Surprises. More are still to come as far as I know!

We've only had a few entries posted in the Costume Party Contest! I know of at least one more that should be there, don't know why it hasn't been posted. But hey, if you want to win 995 Yerfbucks, get in there! There's still time if you are a pro costume-builder.

And of course, I should inform you that Costume Party, the game, is here! Now you know the secret behind the 995 Yerfbuck prize in the costume contest... it's exactly enough to buy a Creator's Pass for Costume Party! There are also a ton of new avatar bits from that game, and a bunch of new trophies you can earn related to it as well!

If that weren't enough, Halloween Horror 9 is here, with 5 exciting Supreme worlds, and we also have two other Supreme Add-Ons, LOST Island and Cheeseworld. Gotta catch 'em all!

I'll have more news about the BHE2008 tomorrow, once it's officially closed. Then I'll have to tally up all the winners and figure out how many Yerfbucks they get, and set up the voting for the Costume Contest. It's a busy time of year, and I have to go eat some Pumpkin Roll.
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