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  The Maze Of Ludicrosity 10:50 PM -- Sun February 24, 2008  

Play The Maze Of Ludicrosity

Well, this weekend's contest was to follow the theme Weird/Unexpected/Surprise. I was not into that theme, but I finally came up with this game! And there is no doubt that you will encounter an endless array of weird, unexpected surprises when playing it. Give it a go, and add some rooms of your own! It's already got over 40 rooms, and it's growing fast.

Speaking of surprises, we had an adventure today. We went out for lunch, and the dirt road is super muddy (it's raining), so we were slip-sliding all the way down until we got to the good road. On the way home, however, it was a little more serious - it's fairly steeply uphill, and we just couldn't make it! We ended up, after several exciting slides up and down the hill, parking at a house down the hill and walking the rest of the way. Good thing we don't live too far up the hill!
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