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  Happyponygate fun! 10:40 AM -- Tue April 15, 2008  

Happyponygate is all about the community. We started off with submitting buildings to go in the city (I still haven't implemented a way to get them in, but it will happen!). Then it was time for the community to invent weapons to go in the game. That contest just ended, and I couldn't decide between the top two entries. I'm a little worried about the technical issues that one of them could cause, so depending on how it works out, I will either include a weapon that spews chocolate that spreads into a giant lake (by Varkarrus), or one that launches blocks of chocolate to use as barriers (by Ducky).

The other half of that contest, naming the weapon, didn't go as well. Unfortunately, there's a very specific style to how I've named the weapons, which you of course don't know outside of the H.R. Puffencrush and Licorice Whip (which really are both pretty much the least representative examples of the style), so nobody really came up with names that follow the style I am looking for, or at least nobody made ones that match it and at the same time fit the weapons that ended up winning! My sister suggested the name Ooze Ray which I really like for the chocolate lake gun (or actually Oozinator might be preferred...), and I don't know yet for the chocolate block gun.

But I should also mention the third winner of the contest, TyTBone, who did win for his name "The Kiss Of Death". It won't be the name of a weapon, but I have a great place to use it!

Which all leads us to the next bit of community input - the Monster Contest! Now you get to design one of the wacky minions of the Happy Ponies. I have one more contest in mind, and then hopefully I will also be able to do DumbFM like I have considered, which will mean a final giant funtest to wrap it all up. If I can come up with anything else for people to be submitting, I'll add that too. This is going to be the most community-driven game yet!
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