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  Mini-LD! 04:12 PM -- Fri May 30, 2008  

Next weekend (June 6th), I am hosting a Mini-LD contest! It's a new thing over at Ludum Dare (lots of new things there lately). It's just like a normal 48-hour contest, except the host gets to dictate what the theme is, can tweak the rules, and set the time. It is scheduled to happen every month except the months where a real LD48 contest is happening. So a little taste of LD48 is always available, none of that crazy 6-month waiting. There's a host list to sign up to host it, just like our own Mafia games.

I haven't figured out what theme/challenge I'm going to use just yet. I have one idea that's pretty interesting, but might be too hard to use. But one thing I have done (see link above) is announce the rule modifications I'll be using. And this might be a good chance for people who feel afraid of real LD48s to get started and give it a try! For this contest, the rules are relaxed and you can use absolutely anything you want (that's legal), instead of having to start from scratch. Heck, you could modify one of my own old LD48 games, since the source is available here. So I'm encouraging anyone with some hope of creating something to give it a shot. It's a good way to get started in the world of 48-hour development. And by the way, it is not judged, so you are your only critic.

You don't need to do any signing up to participate, other than to create an account at the Ludum Dare site. Come on by, it's next weekend.
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