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  Mini LD #1 Over! 06:12 PM -- Sun June 8, 2008  

Well, the contest isn't over, there are 2 hours left, but I submitted my entry. It's not going up on this site, since it's garbage. There's no game to it at all, but I link it here for you to check out if you care to: Miyamoto Vs. Yamamoto (712kb). I hope someday I'll come back and finish it up because I think it has real potential game-wise, but what you have right there is really nothing. It's just an opportunity to hop around on 3 boats in the ocean. And the collision isn't very good either.

So bleh to that. I was excited about the prospect, but not excited about making it, somehow. Working in my living room while watching TV and hanging out with my wife was a real productivity killer. In fact, don't tell her this, but the one point where she went outside for half an hour, I plowed through a ton of work all of a sudden. It also helped that the TV was off at that point. A major factor is the physical dynamics - it's not comfortable and well set-up out here, like it is in the office. So, lessons for future LDs. Don't mess around - when it's LD, you gotta be in the office where you belong!
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