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  On Air 04:20 PM -- Wed January 13, 2010  

Just in case you thought this wasn't a professional operation:

(And just in case you thought this was a professional operation, the pop filter is too side-heavy for the mic stand, so that's why it's resting on that photo album)

This was the rest of that Christmas money spending I mentioned yesterday. It must be professional because it says "Technical|Pro" on it! Actually, it's a cheapo "get started in podcasting" kit, plus what must be a fairly professional pop filter (how fancy could one of those really get?). Hopefully it will result in nice sounding vocals in my games and Behind The Dumb. I'm gonna try in this next Behind The Dumb to do it purely like that - images, video, screenshots, all with narration through there. I'll be Ken Burns (again). I don't think I'm a big fan of being in front of a camera. If I can't cut that out entirely, at least I can do less of it. The audio on the camera's built in microphone is not so good, and it has no external mic port for some insane reason. It's fun to have a mixing board.

Also, cereal:

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