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  Project #4, Almost Out The Door 08:16 PM -- Thu November 4, 2010  

The fourth project I'm currently working on is basically done! It's being tested right now. Like a couple projects back, this is one that's not going to be on Hamumu, it's specifically for another site. VERY specifically, as you will find out when it's released. I will of course link you right to it when it happens, and you can enjoy!

It is, in fact, a Robot game. But it's non-canon. Just a little side adventure for him. There's other news for Robot in the future too, but I shall say no more. The series is over, as you know, but that doesn't mean Robot has died. As Jake once said, "Go then, there are other worlds than these." And some pretty exciting and different stuff for him.

So those are the four projects I'm actively working on. I'm also working on a non-game project, which is a writing tool (perhaps you didn't know I was the creator of Writing Prompts 2?). I'm also helping out with some of that future Robot stuff, but it's not my project, I'm just assisting. I also wish I was working on a Nanowrimo novel, but I'm way too busy. My wife is doing one though!
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