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  To Ease Many Minds 05:15 PM -- Tue February 9, 2010  

(And stop the constant questioning!) The new Claim Yerfbucks page has absolutely no purpose. I made it for potential future use - so I can give Yerfbucks to people without regard for what their Dumb Account is or whether they even have one. The primary purpose would be so that paper certificates could exist like "Sign up for Hamumu, enter this code, and you'll get 50 bonus Yerfbucks!" That sort of thing. Maybe you'd be able to buy gift certificates for people that they could cash in on that page.

So do not give it a second thought. As an existing Hamumian, it has no effect on your life whatsoever. If someday you were to get a claim code for some reason, it wouldn't be any different than if I just gave you that many Yerfbucks directly, only it's more work for you. The exciting thing would be whatever it was that caused you to get those Yerfbucks, not the presence of a page where you can claim them.
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  The Real First Gun 04:43 PM -- Tue February 9, 2010  

It was fun messing with the uberflamethrower, but here's the actual gun you start the game with. It's currently called the Autocannon, but I can probably do better than that. It is much faster than this picture makes it seem - the bullets just fly really fast, which is why they are so far apart. To be precise, it fires 2400 rounds per minute.

I just had to try making it spew casings, and they work pretty well. That's actually only half as many bullet casings as it should be. It used to be the proper number (and had double-muzzle-flash to go with it), but that was just a ridiculous waste of resources. I'm totally going to cause massive browser slowdown with the things I want to do in this game. Probably not the best plan to jam as much firepower as possible into a flash game, but I enjoy it and I will keep going until I discover it's too slow. I will probably have to reduce this monster's rate of fire to start with.

I guess maybe some idea of how the game actually works would be good. You'll learn more as time goes by (Ha, the 14th... notice there was a "Yeah, right" voice in BTD! I'm trying, but I'm not holding my breath). For now, let me tell you that it's a series of smallish levels. Before you go in, you pick which Weapon, Device, and Bomb you will equip. You will gain more to choose from as you beat the bosses. The levels are in sets of 5 - if you collect all the evidence in 4 of those levels (aka beat them - collecting all the evidence is how you finish the level), the 5th level becomes available, and of course the boss is lurking within. Or to be more precise, the crook is lurking within, for you to apprehend and collect your bounty!

And fair warning on actual progress: ALL the game consists of right now is that random garbage level (made of Robot Kitty tiles, yes! That's temporary) in which you can float around blasting away at the walls. I'm making progress, but half the time I feel like I'm developing an entire new paradigm of game development to work around how Flixel does things and how Flash itself does things (still, Flixel is giving me lots of free features I don't want to throw away). At least it's all a lot of really good learning even if it's slow.

And besides, I'm working really hard on the Fool For Love achievement in WoW. You don't want me to miss my chance, right?
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  Just thought it was kinda cool 10:28 PM -- Mon February 8, 2010  

I drew an explosion animation and wanted to test it out, so for a real quick first pass, I just replaced the bullets I had with explosions (would've taken a lot longer to actually implement a legitimate cause for explosions than to just insert them in place of the bullet launching code). Voila, it's an uber-flamethrower! Of course, they whip along so fast, I actually can't tell if they work as explosions at all, so I will have to implement them the right way. But this is fun to swing around for the moment.
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  Daibaka Design 01:59 PM -- Fri February 5, 2010  

(image is pixel-doubled, it's really half this size) When I first decided I wanted to create a suit of battle armor for Sol Hunt to fly around in (inspiration: Bangai-O... try it, it's fun! Oh that's right, the Dreamcast is DEAD), I had a specific image in my head. It was going to have a big orange cockpit in the middle, all surrounded by the usual metally bits that mechs are made of. But getting that image down on pixels turned out very tricky! This sheet is an unedited copy of how I got there.

The stuff in the lower right were my first attempts... just sort of fiddling around in a 16x16 space trying to put together a basic shape (which works great on living creatures, I don't know why this was so tough!). That didn't go well. Another attempt, and a random grey blob that might be a duck, is to the left of the large middle robot.

Then I tried creating it as vector art. The big one in the middle is a greatly shrunken down version of that. Again, I was just doing basic shapes, not a detailed final. I liked what I had in general, so I shrunk it way down, which is what you see on the left (top one). Then I pixeled over the shrunken one to make it as defined as it needs to be when it's so small (that's the lower left).

This pleased me! It's not 'cool', it's a wacky eggbot, which is exactly what I want (and not easy to do in such a small space!). So the upper row is it being colored into the final Sol Hunt colors (she always uses yellow and orange, that's her thing). I wasn't sure about the arms being orange, so I tried the white arms on the left too. Orange is better. The third of those is subtly different - it's her standing on the ground. I don't know if I'll even use that. It's a 'fly around with a jetpack' game, so you don't ever need to land, it'd just be a pointless visual effect for when you happen to have ground directly under you.

In-game, the left arm is a separate object which rotates to face the mouse cursor rather than having discrete angles. She fires with the left arm, the right arm is just there because you can't make a one-armed robot. Maybe it can be involved somehow in the 'using a superbomb' animation. If I make an animation for that. The fun thing I just implemented is that her gun arm is different depending on which weapon is equipped. There are many weapons. Well, there's one. But there will be many.
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  Daily Sketch #15: Mongrel 05:08 PM -- Thu February 4, 2010  

I think this is a REALLY bad drawing. I couldn't come up with how to give his body the proportions I wanted... I like his head, and that's it. Anyway, these are big monster dogs, a lot like the Ice Hounds in LL2 (and those have the body structure I wanted to make here!), but instead of being icy, they are rather fiery, as the inset with text explains. They're not dogs made of fire, just sort of demonic. They're scavengers that prowl the Thorny Ruin, and don't like being disturbed.
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  Behind The Dumb Episode 9 is here! 02:41 PM -- Thu February 4, 2010  

Episode 9 of Behind The Dumb will get you up to speed on all the decades between the last episode and now. Sorry, Loonyland Tactics, we will miss you and your cute rideable bunnies! Stay tuned to the journal for information on Daibaka MAX over the next couple weeks.
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  Daily Sketch #14: Thorny Ruin 02:04 PM -- Tue February 2, 2010  

More concept art. As you can imagine, this is the place where the vine monsters live. It was once a thriving civilization, then it declined and collapsed... we don't know whether it was destroyed by the vines, or if they creeped into the place once all the landscapers were gone. That doesn't matter to us now, hundreds of years later. It's just a place for us to have whatever sort of adventures the game you don't know about will contain!

The huge vines all over the place don't move, they're just plain old vines, but for some reason those much smaller vine monsters in the earlier sketch crawl around and attack.
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  Illegal Pizza! 08:02 PM -- Mon February 1, 2010  

Are you ready to ROCK!? If you are so prepared, then might I recommend you join in the jam with Illegal Pizza, the "official" "band" of Hamumu. Read the thread to see. I really don't have much hope that it will be able to reach an actual song by this random combination method, but it's a fun thing to mess around with! I figured why not give it a go and see what happens? It could be the most fun thing to ever occur in this universe. Well, second-most fun, after creating the music video for the song that gets made and airing it in Behind The Dumb.

It's the first of the month, so bleh to having to do all the monthly setup stuff (which is why I wrote up that Illegal Pizza idea, to procrastinate). I got a Loonyland 2 add-on world up, and a bunch of new Fan Art. There's also a new T-Shirt of the Month:

The Yerfball Jersey

And yes, I "am" working on a Behind The Dumb to release this week. Quotes are because I still haven't started yet. But the deadline is the 3rd, like all my month-start events, and I did write down a list of what I want to have in it, so that's like at least half done! Isn't it? Anyway, I will keep everything interesting a secret until that comes out, so it can break the news.
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