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  LD48 #17 Saturday Almost Lunch 01:56 PM -- Sat April 24, 2010  

The pegbody thing was just an offhand remark, but it got me thinking. So now he has a pegbody. He was abandoned on these islands because without a body, his crew decided he really wasn't that useful anymore. He certainly can't tie knots or batten hatches (I assume... I don't actually know what that entails). But the ever-resourceful [Pirate Name] will rise again! So now he hops around, and the sand has edges.

This does present a logistical problem in that the only attack I can see him using is to jump on guys, and that's really not the game I wanted to make. He may use Sea Gypsy Magic to levitate a sword instead. You know, Sea Gypsy Magic. Duh.
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