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  Puppy After 48 Hours 10:00 AM -- Mon April 12, 2010  

It's been 48 hours! Yesterday, most of what I accomplished after getting the new map started was touchup stuff, and two new (possibly the last?) cat abilities. This is due in part to some bugs that just dragged on for hours. It's hard to find bugs in Flash, both because of the way the code works and the near-total lack of debugging features. It's also due to Barokorcbama gaining 2 levels.

Got some special effects: sparks when the cat is clawing a guy up, a little dust when you land from a jump (inset right - you can barely see it, but it works well animated), and puffs of smoke (inset top) used for a few different things including enemies dying. I was never a fan of the purple blobs in Robot Wants Kitty, so this smoke is much nicer.

For abilities, just one is shown here, and it's called Ceiling Cat. I want to make one more try making it have decent art, but it may just end up looking like it does. I figure it's better to have a fun ability than only include things I can draw decently!

I think the game is about 70% done. All the serious stuff is implemented and seems to work, most of the art is done, and about 10% of the map is done (making the map is pretty easy). What remains? There's only one enemy type, so more of those seem likely; I need to draw the other powerup icons; make one or two more tilesets; make a HUD; finish the map; make the title and victory pages; and I intend to make an achievement/award type of feature, which should be fun. Oh, and maybe a continue feature, since that was the biggest complaint on Kongregate that still remains unfixed. Not too much!
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  Puppy Day 2 Lunch 03:08 PM -- Sun April 11, 2010  

I may have played an hour of WoW. Also, the game now has its own new map instead of trying out stuff via the old map! The first little bit of the map is done, where you obtain the first powerup and use it to move on. As you can see, the game's objective is also present, as is the new OUCH (does not actually cause any ouching at this point). I still want to try a new background though, shouldn't use the same one, right? Time for lunch, and I bet I'd score some good points if I did our massive pile of dishes too. Good thing this isn't an actual LD48.
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  Puppy Day 1 End 08:37 PM -- Sat April 10, 2010  

That's enough for day 1... it's dinner time! This is the first new tileset for the game, and the amazing tailcopter maneuver! I also drew a whole set of access cards and doors for them to open, but didn't do anything with them yet.
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  Puppy Day 1B 05:16 PM -- Sat April 10, 2010  

New aliens! I admit to photoshopping this - the bullets don't actually come out until after the shooting animation is complete (you can see it lodged in his snorkel still!). And there's one other subtle bit of photoshopping in that I pasted another entire picture on top of this. That picture shows you the deadly power of the kitty. It really is a lot more amusing animated than that rather odd looking shot. There's some minor challenge to using the cat well. You are apt to get yourself killed if you aren't careful. After all, someone with a cat clawing at their brain would definitely be running around freaked out, which poses a threat to anyone in their path.
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  Puppy Day 1 03:41 PM -- Sat April 10, 2010  

Post-lunch on day 1, what we have now is the original Robot Wants Kitty, except you can't shoot, dash, rocket, or fire missiles anymore. And there's a cat on your head. What you can do (finally after an annoying bug) is throw the cat. It hurtles through the air and lands sitting comfortably, where you can pick it up again. Soon this act will be harmful to enemies. Hopefully in an interesting way, I have an idea.
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  HAM48! 11:20 AM -- Sat April 10, 2010  

Life is still crazier than craziness. I have to say, I don't think there will be a BTD this month. I'd like to do one (in theory, that is - I am not filled with the desire to do the actual making of one... seems like lots of work when my ears are still stuffed full of junk), but there's just too much I need to get done that will actually lead to much-needed money. And to that end, this weekend is officially a HAM48! I'm pretending there's a 48-hour contest this weekend (with no restrictions on starting code...) with the theme "robots and animals". Feel free to join in!

So far I have this dilemma:

How should the kitty sit on the robot's head? As you can see, I have 3 different kitty ideas, and two of them could either sit on the shoulder or the head. What do you think? Kitty #1 looks like a robot himself (no room to give him pupils. Maybe white was the wrong choice? #3 has a different concept). I think I might like #2 best due to the presence of actual personality and stupidness.

In case you hadn't heard, in Robot Wants Puppy (my game hopefully being created this weekend), the kitty you already got sits on your head (or shoulder), and you power it up as you adventure. Kinda makes you wonder how busy episode 3 is going to get.
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  Vacated 03:01 PM -- Sat April 3, 2010  

Just want to let you know, belatedly, that I'm on vacation hanging out with a guest until Wednesday (I'm at home, but busy being sociable, so orders and all that are going fine, I just don't have time to do serious work). I'm also sick enough in the throat-and-vocal region to preclude filming any TV shows right now anyway, so Behind The Dumb and all the other month-starting activities will have to wait until then! See ya'll around!
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