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  Riding The Wave 08:39 PM -- Thu May 20, 2010  

It's just crazy here. I don't mean that I'm crazy busy, although I am constantly, at least 3 or 4 times a day, suddenly finding something that needs my immediate attention (an update to a flash game, an offer from a business, the usual customer/forum stuff, something from somebody else I was waiting on that arrives). What I mean is that I am just riding a wave of stuff. I don't know where it's taking me, and I don't have much control over it. I could just hop off and go back to doing whatever happens to appeal, but the wave is made of dollar bills, so I'd like to see where it's going.

What does this mean? Well, I had a list of all the flash games I was trying to get done, as well as a few large projects that were supposed to come after, all in a nice ordered plan, but at this point, it's all I can do to keep up with the projects, updates, and offers that are pouring in on this wave. I can no longer say "I.D.I.O.T. is next!" or "Daibaka will be done on February 14th" (not sure I could say that in the first place, but I did say it anyway!). I don't know what I'm gonna be working on, and as these opportunities appear, I have to hit them right away and get them done, or I'll miss out. And I do need them at this point.

There will be two more Robot games (at least), and they will be the two next things I do, unless something else jumps up in between, which is how they got on the list in the first place. If you want to complain and beg for fancy 3D adventures, I'll just have to recommend you go play Torchlight or WoW (I always recommend WoW!), because I have to go where this wave is going until I'm riding high enough to see the shore.

I'm definitely looking to get 3D Studio as soon as I can reasonably do so, but not for 3D games. I want it to make my trademark googly eyes in more flash games. It'll be nice to have it handy for when I have a chance to make something big too, though!

I really want to get IDIOT out soon too, because I have an artist hanging on the line who wants to get his cut from it! Check out how cool it looks now (work in progress, some tiles are clearly missing, don't know if I will keep the sizes as is):

So I will be trying to progress on that. I'm hoping to make it sort of a Roguelike (but fast and extremely short - no end, just see how long you survive, like it is now), but very simple. Still keeping a lot of the basic concepts that the original had, just getting more emphasis on fighting and leveling up and getting upgrades. That's more of an idea than something I've actually worked on. Mainly what I've worked on is getting the new art into it and converting the whole thing to the Flashpunk library instead of Flixel.

So that's how it is... lots of crazy offers from lots of places, lots of opportunities, and I'm going to take the ones I like and see where I can go with this flash stuff. I'll share what info I can as appropriate, but of course I don't think I should be talking about deals that are underway. I will say this, I owe a 3rd Robot game to MaxGames, so that will be coming. The 4th Robot game is unrelated to them, and hard to explain how it came about. Actually, I think it will be the 3rd one.

Find out more as the wave cruises on across the seas of Dumbness.
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