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  The Maelstrom 04:14 PM -- Tue February 10, 2015  

The past few years have been a whirlwind. I have really had no time to sit back and relax for at least 2 years. I mean, I've taken vacations (and maybe spent upwards of 8 hours in a row playing games at times...), and that kind of thing, but if you've ever been the person in charge of setting up a vacation yourself, you know that's far from relaxing, it's just more work! And every vacation I've been on, I spent time each day checking in on every aspect of my business, so I was never really free to just relax.

That's been half the reason why I never blog anything anymore - I'm just overwhelmed with things that need to get done. The other half is that I don't feel like I have anything much to say about what I'm doing. Well, and the third quarter on top of those halves is that I'm embarrassed to discuss some of the things, not to mention most of it has nothing to do with Hamumu. The Hamumu story is simple (another 1/17 of why there's not much to blog about): I make updates for Growtopia. It's all I do, day after day. And they're secret, so I can't tell people about them until they're out, and even then, we don't spoil things about the game, we leave them for players to find. So if you want to know what I've been doing work-wise, that's it: updating Growtopia for 2 years. I've created some amazing stuff including entirely new games inside the game, things that I'm proud of and didn't even think could've been done, but there's still not much I can say about it. Except one hint: another 'in-game game' is coming soon!

So, this maelstrom churns around faster and faster the closer you get to the center, and I think I'm right on the tipping point of being sucked down - hopefully to Atlantis and not into a giant squid. In the past month, craziness has built up to a speed I don't think most people ever see in their lives. We went shopping for houses this past weekend in Texas (not for the first time, this has been a year-long process), found one, and put in an offer. By the end of the weekend, our offer had been accepted and the closing date was set... for two weeks from now. So in the next two weeks, I will be cleaning out my house, packing up, most likely buying a new car, selling two cars, handling the specifics of selling our current house, making another update for Growtopia (gotta keep em coming every 2 weeks!), working with the guys doing the website redesign, and working with the guys working on NPC Quest 2. And a few other things. I'm a lazy, laid-back guy. This is all so much more than I have ever dealt with. This is more than I usually have to deal with in a year!

But the dream and the hope is that once this 2-week span is up, it's all smooth sailing. I'll be in my new house relaxing by the pool. Ahhhh. I don't think that's the reality, but it's certainly going to be a lot calmer than it is right now. So back to packing up our game room. I'm gonna be one of those Austin indies you always hear about!
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