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  Robot Wants More Justice 05:49 PM -- Thu February 14, 2019  

Hey look, it's the first boss in Robot Wants Justice! Also a Durpoid being rescued by Puppy at the same time, which is a happy coincidence for my screenshot.

We're definitely in the home stretch now and yesterday was the first time it actually felt like it (probably because I finished the final boss of Justice, and thus the classic map is done). So here's your progress update for this week:
  • RWIC easy map done!
  • RWIC remix map
  • RWJ classic map done!
  • RWJ easy map
  • RWJ remix map
  • Finishing up 3 of the bonus features - just one left unfinished!
  • 20 8 Achievements to go!
  • 6 5 Awards - these are incredibly tricky to come up with.
  • an ever-increasing number of bugs to fix of course. Still true again! I suspect RWJ will come with a lot of scary ones once the testers get a hold of it.
  • polish! - Someday!
There are a lot of other little tasks (or big) that this list doesn't really show. For instance today has been completely spent implementing all 12 Mutators for RWJ. I'm so close to done too, just one to go... but it's a big one.

So the plan currently is a release sometime in March. I hope. I am going to be go on a cruise in March, so that's a week gone there, but we're so close that I think we can make this happen. I'm so excited to be done! GO ROBOT GO!
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