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  Robot Wants More Sekrits 11:42 AM -- Tue January 22, 2019  

I have no comment about the above picture, because there are fun surprises to be found in this game! Although I will say I stole the oyster art from my old game Scuba Jim.

Sadly, I have given up on Twitch streaming. I kept knowing I needed to do it, but making excuses or finding reasons not to. It took about 5 seconds of analysis to recognize that I was avoiding it because I don't like to be in the public eye! So I quit. I mean I could do it again sometime, but I'm definitely not scheduling it again. It's just not me to do that kind of thing, and my actual life pushes me constantly out of my comfort zone, so why throw in my own added pushing? Admittedly, there are reasons to do so, but they're not compelling enough for me, so I remain in my botcave, cranking out awesome content comfortably with jammin' tunes playing (that was the worst - not being able to listen to copyrighted music while on the stream!). It's made me much more productive!

To revisit the to-do list from our last post, here's how things have changed:
  • RWIC easy map done!
  • RWIC remix map
  • RWJ about half of the classic map (and enemies, etc. Actually making the game work)
  • RWJ easy map
  • RWJ remix map
  • Finishing up 3 of the bonus features - one remains in a very early state, one just needs tweaks, and one is about 75% done. These are big big fun things, which feel like whole alternate games.
  • 20 17 Achievements (I think the 20 was wrong, because I've done more than 3 since then...)
  • 6 Awards - somehow still 6 even though I did add one!
  • an ever-increasing number of bugs to fix of course. Still true, but boy did we knock a massive pile of them off
  • polish! - keep dreaming on this one!

So the big takeaway here is that I got lots of bonus games done, which are huge and awesome, and the RWIC Easy map, and I did not so much as touch Robot Wants Justice. Which is sad. But I'm having so much fun working on one of the bonus games... it's just right up my alley. Almost done though, then we'll see!
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