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  Robot Wants To Be Done! 10:37 AM -- Tue March 26, 2019  

It's so close now even Robot can taste it... Everything on the game is done, except for a few technical widget-wobbits (sending high scores to Steam basically, which we had working within a week of starting, and just have to re-enable and test out), and of course the last few bugs. Soon, Robot, soon...

I'm already feeling the mystery and wonder of what I shall do with my life at that point. I started doing an Unreal Engine tutorial though! Pretty fun so far, but I'm only in the "scribble terrain and then walk through it with the default character" stage, not the "deal with conflicting object formats, weird transforms, and scripting" stage. For the actual future of what I do, I'm kind of torn between two extremes: cranking out tiny games galore, and spending years and years on a monstrous masterpiece. The several different "dream games" I have in my head are all in the latter category (of course, why wouldn't they be?), but the idea of doing something like game-a-week for a year, or game-a-month, or just fiddling around, that all sounds nice. Then there's also vacation. I mean probably before any next project there's vacation, right? I dunno, we'll see. It might be good to do some learning here, and that's why I'm trying out this tutorial. Whatever I do, I just wanna have some fun with it.
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