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  Whatcha Doin? 04:07 PM -- Sun April 28, 2019  

Well, I can't answer that for you (feel free to do so in the comments!), but for me, here's what I'm doing! I've gone into Youtube and immersed myself in Blender and Unreal Engine tutorials. Just all kinds of stuff, trying to learn crazy things.

Don't take that too far - it doesn't mean I'm working on a 3D game, and the previous clause doesn't mean I'm working on a 2D game. What you should take from this info is to know that I'm not making a game at all! I'm just learning for now.

It's fun to do these things... it's like a game maker program rather than actual game development. Especially using the Blueprints system in Unreal - it's basically just snapping together colored blocks and messing around. And what's amazing about that is that the results you get are really quite impressive, especially when the "colored blocks" you use are actually models and textures created by AAA developers (Unreal offers a pile of free assets from their defunct games).

Anyway, that's just an update on what I'm up to, since I haven't shared anything in a while. I am also watching my way through the entire MCU movieverse to (much too late) prepare for Avengers: Endgame. I totally did not need the preparation, but it's a fun project for sure. So far I am finding my opinions of the movies almost completely flipped from the original viewing. There's some really great stuff in the original Captain America and Thor movies, and some real misfires in the Iron Man movies. Though the original Avengers (which is what I'm up to so far) is still really great. So far it's the top of my list. Developing that many characters in such a real way, all in one movie, is quite a feat.
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