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  Letting you all know I'm alive! 12:58 PM -- Mon August 12, 2019  

I don't feel like uploading screenshots or doing anything crazy like that, but I thought it's been almost two months since I blogged on here, so I should share the fact that I am not dead.

I started out hacking away at Unreal Engine, building a little action-RPG deal, which now has working randomly generated items, and stats, and you can pick up and equip the items, and there's a skill tree. Also one enemy, which is an angry Unreal Mannequin that simply runs from one place to another until you hit it enough times to make it collapse into ragdoll physics. That's kinda fun. And it all takes place in the default 3rd person test level.

So that work inspired me to get deep into Blender, because there's not much point to any of that without actual content. So I've been doing Blender tutorials (and I'm a little afraid I've spent so long doing them away from the game coding part that I will forget how any of my code works). A lot of really fun stuff out there, especially now that Blender 2.8 has arrived with its much-more-like-human-beings-use interface. I've been learning a lot.

But mostly I've been playing games, of course. Still obsessively playing Overwatch, and a whole bunch of action-RPGs like Pagan Online, Killsquad (seems absolutely terrible as far as I can tell... great gameplay mechanics/feel but absolutely no game at all), Hero Siege, Quest Hunter, Victor Vran, Inquisitor: Martyr, Chaosbane, Wolcen, Chasm, and just about anything else I can find. It's "research"!

Aside from that, I've also been getting deep into developing some board games, and that's pretty much my day to day right there. Happy summer to you, and I will catch you later - especially in October as we begin another round of fabulous Halloween Movie Reviews!
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