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  Kid Hallow: Sci-Fi Pack Update #7 04:27 PM -- Fri January 14, 2022  

The Sci-Fi Pack is coming to Kid Hallow! It will be a free update with 20some new tiles/monsters/etc, 3 new costumes, one or two new backgrounds, new music, and some special features.


Robot, of Robot Wants It All fame, is Kid Hallow's newest costume! Robot plays in a totally different way than any other costume - initially, he can only move left and right (not even jumping!). But collecting a Power Pill doesn't turn him into a super beast like every other costume. Rather, it just gives him one new ability. He can collect up to 14 Power Pills to get all of his abilities, and the person who created the level has a way to decide the order in which you get abilities. Check out the video and see what Robot is up to lately!

And by the way, if you find this costume intriguing, be sure to check out Robot Wants It All - 6 games in one, and in each one Robot has an entirely different array of abilities! And yep, he starts out only being able to move left and right (in the first game anyway).
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