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  Kid Hallow: Sci-Fi Pack Update #9 06:24 PM -- Tue February 1, 2022  

The Sci-Fi Pack is coming to Kid Hallow! It will be a free update with 20some new tiles/monsters/etc, 3 new costumes, one or two new backgrounds, new music, and some special features.


I'm sure everybody is familiar with Bouapha's late night talk show, but in case you missed this episode, I've pulled out a clip to show you info on Bouapha's Power Pill abilities, the new Light Switch tile (which is heavily featured during the talk show, in a sneaky way), and two new level modifiers which light the level up (or not) in different ways.

Since the video is basically insane and mildly embarrassing for me personally, here's the deets:
  • Bouapha's power pill gives him two upgrades: triple hammers (that fly faster than normal), and skeleton keys. That means that any keys he picks up will be replaced by Yellow Keys, which open doors of any color.

  • The Light Switch is triggered by anybody touching it, or by electricity from a wire. Either way, what it does is very simple: it turns all Light tiles in the level to Dark, and vice versa. Lots of possibilities there for dark levels as well as Vampire funtimes/torture.

  • One new level lighting option is Line Of Sight, which is fully lit, but you can't see through walls (and items do not create any light - there's no way to see past a wall except for the Sonic Arrow the Ranger fires).

  • The other new one is Pitch Black, which is like the normal Darkness mode, except that your character doesn't produce any light. So they will have to use Light Switches, Candles, electricity, torches, fireplaces, and all sorts of things to see where they are going.
Side story: in addition to having 4 lighting options, we've also upgraded the 2 camera options into 4, which I'm not going to make a video about since, you know, it looks the same, just bigger. We've now got 3x Zoom, and a different version of 2x Zoom that should be popular: it tries to capture all the Kids in the level at once, instead of focusing on one. If they got too far apart, it's not going to show any of them, but if your level is designed appropriately, this will let the player keep an eye on all their kids at once.

Bonus story: this week I've sponsored a bunch of streams of Kid Hallow (search for it on Twitch and Youtube!), and one big thing I've noticed is that every one of them that tries the Bouapha training level asks "What is a Bouapha?" (only without being able to pronounce Bouapha). So I was inspired to make the Bouapha After Dark video, you know, to make it even more confusing!

But look for those streams, it's pretty fun to see them gradually begin to understand the madness.
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