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  Bad Ol' Pass 02:35 PM -- Tue August 15, 2023  

I know I know. We should all just accept that I don't blog on a regular or even semi-regular basis. Nobody needs to hear about it!

Fun new feature in Broken Build Simulator, inspired by Diablo IV (so see, it's worthwhile!): The Bad Ol' Pass. I can't believe it took me this long to realize this game needed a battle pass.

This screenshot is a little misleading because in fact you can't access the premium track on the pass normally. It's your classic battle pass - earn Bad Ol' Points to move up the track, and then you can collect the prizes. Of course the Premium row is only available to those who pony up real money. Buuuutttt... I didn't manage to implement microtransactions before getting trapped inside the video game, so you actually can't access the Premium row at all. Or can you?

But of course this game isn't pay-to-win because that's unacceptable, so we are sure to only offer cosmetic items on the premium track. Except sometimes. You have any fun ideas for battle pass rewards?
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