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  Downtime Warning! 02:58 PM -- Wed December 30, 2009  

Hello all. It seems we are ending the year with a bang, and hopefully not a bad one, as the server undergoes an OS upgrade tomorrow (December 31st) at 9AM PST. That's 12PM EST, and whatever it is wherever else. This procedure should only take 1-2 hours of downtime, but the reason I chose to have it right in the middle of the day rather than an off-time is that it could also really badly break a lot of things. I want to be available and ready to fix them all (or tell the smart people to fix them). This is a really major procedure that is very scary, so let's hope the site survives it! No, it's not adding anything new or interesting that you will notice. It'd be nice if it sped the site up a bit or something, but I wouldn't expect that either. It's just a necessary thing to keep up with the times. And then it's a new year full of new surprises and an actual newsletter every month and actual games being released and actual t-shirts.

Hamumu.com will be down for up to 2 hours at 9AM PST on December 31st for an upgrade!
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  Dude, Seriously 05:37 PM -- Sun December 20, 2009  

I know, it's been very very quiet 'round here. Go play Robot Wants Kitty for a quick holiday distraction. That was my entry for the Ludum Dare 16 contest (theme: Exploration). I think it's fun! I'll be spicing it up with a few little improvements and a website integration (get a trophy for getting the kitty) before the new year rolls around.

But that's what I'm trying to say: it's the holidays and nothing is happening around here except slacking and tons of non-business things that keep me very busy, so don't expect anything much going on for the next week or two!

In fact, dude, I will be at a dude ranch for the next few days. Seriously. I don't know how that will be, but dude.
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  T-Shirt Time! 07:57 PM -- Fri December 4, 2009  

It's priced as low as Cafepress will let you price stuff ($18.99 for this color), so I ain't making no money bucks. I'm just hoping some people will enjoy dressing up as Bouapha. It has no words, no ads, no accoutrements, just a straight-up Bouapha shirt, as accurate as you can be with the color options at Cafepress. If you wear this, pumpkins will fear, and people will wonder what your problem is. There are several other interesting shirts, clocks, and more up there too, if you haven't seen those.

I was thinking about this design way back, I believe I even had a journal up about it somewhere back there, but I just decided to, as Wil Wheaton says, Get Excited And Make Stuff. I'm thinking of doing a T-shirt a month, so get your Bouapha Pumpkin shirt now, because it may disappear on January 1st (not the actual shirt, just the ability to purchase it)! I thought it'd be fun to just have whatever fun little Hamumu shirt idea up there, and if you want to grab it, go ahead. They're not hard to make, and there's no risk since it's print-on-demand. I would commit to a T-shirt a week, but I know I wouldn't keep up, so that's a bad plan.

Also of no interest, I was going to try doing a shirt at Zazzle instead, but the only green they had was wayyyy off! Cafepress seems to be doing the job nicely.
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  It's Been A Long December... 07:15 PM -- Thu December 3, 2009  

Okay, it's only the 3rd of December, but the Counting Crows know what's up because it's already been long! I got home from a Minnesota trip for Thanksgiving to find myself ill with, I am pretty sure, H1N1 (the symptoms match, and really if you get sick nowadays, and have those symptoms, the huge pandemic is probably the most likely bet). Today I am feeling cured, but that's a good 3 days of my life shot, and shot very very slowly... lots of sitting and staring at the wall. And today I don't intend to do much either, it's recovery time. But hey, it's time after that big break to figure out where we are and what's to come! I feel at a loss for what I should be doing at the moment.

In the grand scheme of things, I think December will be spent primarily getting the website to something more like 100%. There are quite a few things I need to upload too (worlds, fan art, etc). There is also a Ludum Dare 48-hour game development contest coming up next weekend, December 11th. I really want to participate in that one hardcore-style... it'd be nice to make something new just for fun! So that's December.

Then the new year means back to Loonyland Tactics, and Behind The Dumb, right? I'm not that excited about either one. It's mainly the need to comb my hair that makes me hesitant to do Behind The Dumb. Tactics is suffering from "really old code I forgot about that's overly complex and ugly" syndrome, as well as "how did I make that art?" and "I was excited about turn-based strategy at one point...". Feels like hard work. I think I am going to try to scale back Behind The Dumb into more of a 'video log' than an entire television show (of sorts), so it's a bit less overwhelming. Actually, much like LL:T, I can't remember how I made Behind The Dumb either!

Beyond that, what's to come? I'm so confused by all the new ways to make games (for me, mainly Flash and Unity), all of which feel more awkward to work with than C++. But they open up new opportunities that make it seem ridiculous to keep making Windows-only, downloadable games. Seems like some soul-searching is in order! After the Great Pumpkin's Field adventure, I'm deeply intrigued by the idea of MMO gameplay and how it doesn't seem that hard to achieve. So who knows... a small project would sure be nice to stick in between, though. I really think there will need to be an extended period of just plain learning some stuff first. Maybe mini-games made to learn with.

In addition to that though, the site itself is a key part of the Hamumu world now. I have several features I want to add, to keep it exciting and more involving, fun stuff to do. I'm kind of hoping to add 'something of interest' each month, but how you define 'something of interest' is up in the air. Doesn't seem too crazy to think that I would add the first one this month. Though I suppose that would entail actually creating it.

So that's what should go on, sometime... maybe. Or not. It's all potential.
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