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  Hey Gang! 11:25 PM -- Fri September 18, 2009  

Well, it's been a while, hasn't it? Here's the latest from the Ham front:

- Newsletter & Such: See it next month! It's another lazy month off on that in all the fuss. I do have several add-ons that should be going up (and a bunch of fan art and photos, I think), it's just all falling by the wayside right now.

- Loonyland Tactics: Has been getting worked on! Not this week, and I don't really remember last week, but at some point, work happened. Now you can select your guy and move him around, and his move points run out, and he has an icon for 'move'. You can also end your turn, which just starts it over, restoring his move points. Pretty exciting! I should share a new character shot (only 2 more Bunnies left, can you guess what they are?), I'm just uninspired to turn on the other PC to get the shot out of 3D Studio.

- Website: Aha! This is what's been knocking everything else out! It's really actually finally in a state where I feel comfortable saying "it's getting there". That's an achievement, right? My to-do list is shrinking, the fun factor is rising, and sometime before this year ends, you will meet the Hamumu Clubhouse, and you will cheer.

I have actually linked up what I'm working on with the live site data, so even though you can't tell yet, you all now have an Awesomeness rating at this moment, as well as a collection of 5 random monsters. Someday you will find out which 5 they are, and you will yearn to get more! And let me tell you, I went through a serious headache when I did connect things up... stuff that works in a test environment surprises you greatly when it goes live. I still have a bunch of features to add to the chat, and a few pages that need tricking out, but it's getting there! When it does release, it won't be "done" - a lot of things are just converted over to the new look without any new features or better content, so the website will continue to be an ongoing upgrade. There will also be new webgames to come (again, not at launch). I might set aside a week each month to focus on the site! It's SRS BSNS. No, I don't talk like that... It's serious business.
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  Meet The Bunnies #3: Blind Spear 09:26 PM -- Tue September 1, 2009  

Blind Spear
I don't know why you would specifically choose to hire blind people as your spearfolk, but that seems to be what the Order Of The Snuggly Bunny is stuck with. Kudos to them for their open hiring policy. So here is the basic ranged attack unit for the Bunnies. However, she doesn't work like a normal ranged unit. She's actually very useful for defensive purposes and almost useless on the attack. Also, being blind, she has no line of sight whatsoever, and you will need other units to do the 'spotting' for her. I don't know about the name of this unit, it's still under consideration. Behold:
  • Vigilance - Each time an enemy steps within her firing range, she hits it with a spear. That's for each step, so to advance on a Blind Spear with a melee unit requires getting hit many times. Luckily the damage isn't super high, but it's notable. On the flipside, once you do get adjacent to them, they can't attack you, since you're not moving anymore. And if they move to force you to move again, well, look below.

  • Noisy Stride - Not so much an ability. This is a 'curse' that the Blind Spear inflicts on herself anytime she moves. It disables Vigilance for 1 turn, since she can't hear where the enemies are due to all the commotion. You'll want to position your Blind Spears and leave them there.

  • Roaring Spear - Hurls a spear at a target for triple normal damage, in exchange for doing normal damage to herself (shoulder strain), and of course the loud roaring means that the dreaded Noisy Stride will be applied as well.

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