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  End Of Work 05:55 PM -- Wed January 14, 2004  

Hooray! My copy of the 'Indie Game Development Survival Guide' arrived in the mail. Should be interesting. I like to read stuff about my business. I always feel like I learn new things, then I don't do anything with the info. Good for me!

The game I'm making is to be called something like "Sol Hunt's Cargo Express" or something... the gist is pretty simple: you travel from planet to planet, buying and selling goods. You want to get the best deals on the goods, so buy them where they're cheap, sell them where they're expensive. But to get from place to place requires actually flying through space as in the Sneak Peek I put up. That ship you're flying there is actually only the nose of the entire cargo ship. It breaks off and you fly it around shooting aliens. The main body of the ship remains in the lower middle of the screen, and it's your job, as the invincible nose, to blow up the aliens and physically block the bullets fired at the cargo ship. As it gets hit, the cargo it carries is destroyed, so it's in your interest to protect it. That's the basic gist! Should be a quick, small, arcadey game, with more than a touch of financial management to it. It's intended to be the 'announcement worthy release' for this month, but I am pretty sure it won't be done by the end of the month. It'll be pretty close though. Maybe. Anyway, I may have another announcement worthy thing anyway. I hope I can meet my goals!

So that's my workday. It's short, and easy. That's because I'm my boss. I'm a very nice boss. Now, it's almost 4pm, and as everyone knows, I'm allowed to play videogames at 4pm. So just gotta kill six more minutes...
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  Fresh Air 05:24 PM -- Wed January 14, 2004  

Okay, I'm pretty much calling it quits on my workday now. I've finished the model for the rest of the ship, to my satisfaction at the moment. I will do some more design work, but right now what I'm going to do is go bike to the UPS store! I still don't have anything to ship, but I will check the PO box and see if there are any orders in there. Actually, this has been a really abnormally bad order day - not a peep! And in fact, I've only gotten one email from a customer today. Don't know what the deal is, but it sure is slow. I do have reason to believe there might be an order in the mailbox, so that may be nice. I'll check in one more time, but then I consider this experiment complete! Not really a typical day, actually, but about as lazy as usual. So I'm off to check the PO box and the mailbox.
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  Maxing Out 04:32 PM -- Wed January 14, 2004  

Okay, decision made. I'm gonna go with my original plan, and to that end, I shall now pop into 3DS Max and get to work finishing up another very vital model for the game... the other half of your ship!
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  Sneak Peek: Space Game 04:07 PM -- Wed January 14, 2004  

Here's the space game I'm working on! As the orange and yellow tone of the player ship would suggest, I think this could be a Sol Hunt game, and we can all agree it's about time there was such a thing. The blue stuff is player bullets (and the glowy blue blob is player bullets popping on the Cuboid), and the red blobs are the explosion of another Cuboid. Not much else to say about it!
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  Lunch over 03:31 PM -- Wed January 14, 2004  

Potato & Cauliflower Fritters (it was a recipe in a book... not that impressed with them personally), cheese & onion bread, and yogurt. Man, that sounds like some kind of hippie chow... well, we are low on food that doesn't require serious preparation (the fritters were leftovers, of course). Then a little X-Play, and then I got telemarketed (semi-legitimately... sorta) by American Express, looks like we will be accepting AmEx cards in the near future. I had considered it from the beginning, but never bothered setting it up, as I tend to get very few orders by AmEx (well, zero, but back when I used a payment processor that accepted them, I got very few), and I live by the theory that anybody who has an AmEx card also has a Visa or Mastercard. Why? Because nobody takes Amex!! I have both myself. The AmEx card is only for going to Costco, since it's all they take (very strange, that).

So, technically, it's back to work. But work for now is going to be more mental. I'm going to work out exactly what I want to do with this game, and post up a sneak peek for you to see at some point.
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  Lunch break! 02:31 PM -- Wed January 14, 2004  

Well, that's it! There are now enemies, and you can shoot them, and they explode when shot enough. I like the feel and the look, to some extent. There's something lacking visually, but it's getting there. Now that I have something playable, I may have to sit back and spend a little time in the design frame of mind again, as there are a couple directions I'm thinking of taking this (of course, I already decided on one and wrote up the whole design for it... but now others sound interesting, as I see this in action). But either way, it's lunch time. I like to have lunch at around 1pm, so I can watch X-Play while I eat. X-Play is a really stupid show that reviews video games. I think I'm just fascinated by the fact that actual videogames are being discussed on the television. It's like a dream come true. See you after lunch!
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  Success! 01:55 PM -- Wed January 14, 2004  

Okay, we have a rabid cuboid munching across the screen. You can't hurt him and he can't hurt you. I think that shall be next. However, odd as this may seem, I don't plan to allow enemies to hurt you in this game, so I'll only have to make you able to hurt him. So I shall implement that now, followed by a brilliant particle explosion, and then it'll definitely be lunch, except I'll probably not get it done before lunch.
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  Slacking 01:26 PM -- Wed January 14, 2004  

Of course it had to happen. I got fed up with monster code and zoomed around the web a bunch more. I probably spent about 45 minutes doing that and answering some emails. I'm a slacker. Guess I'll get back to work on those monsters, then it'll be lunch time! Hoorah!
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  Snack 12:31 PM -- Wed January 14, 2004  

Stopped for chips n' dip. Man I plowed into those. I think I'm hungry. Also added a Toffifay, which is a strange candy you've never heard of, and I recommend. It's a cup made of caramel, with a hazelnut inside, surrounded by choco creme stuff, with chocolate on top. Not easy to explain, but tasty nonetheless. Also, Pirouline is good. Another hazelnut-related treat, that one. Back to making badguys.
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  Cuboid! 12:16 PM -- Wed January 14, 2004  

Just finished a brief stint in 3DS Max, creating a really basic enemy. It's called a Cuboid, and for good reason. I expect to use it in the finished product, but it will be a very goofy little enemy. Luckily, for the type of games I make, something as stupid and simple as a Cuboid is actually a pretty appropriate creature. So now I am off to work on implementing the concept of enemies in the game. That could end up more than an all-day project, depending on how fancy I get with it. I think I'll try to keep it simple at the expense of nifty scriptability.
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