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  Toonyland Ho! 08:33 PM -- Tue January 10, 2006  

I could upload a screenshot of Kinyova Sr., the elderly and disapproving father of Kinyova, who you met in the original Loonyland, but I'm too lazy for that today. Instead I'll tell you that YAY, all of the non-magical skills are now implemented! Some still don't have graphics, in fact the Axe Traps are currently stone teddy bears (which look pretty cool really), but they all work. So 30 of the 40 skills are done (actually 31, since that one spell is done). They'll surely need balance tweaking later, but that's just numbers. They all work. I spent about half an hour mesmerized by wandering around demolishing teddy bear hordes with cranked up Homing, Triple, Throwing, Piercing, Poison, and Ricochet. So it's fun, I have no doubts there. Laying out Axe Traps is fun too. I also spent a long time jumping around and doing Stomps. Quite a few minutes wasted tossing Air Strike axes even. And then there's Static... oh well, no need to give it all away ("Static", not "Static Field" - I didn't rip off everything from Diablo). I just wanted to stop in and say yay. I always love leveling up and assigning skill points, so it's really fun that I've made my own.

That is all. Busy busy. Got to implement the spell selector tomorrow, then it shouldn't take long at all to go from there to having the spells in. Still no 8th spell, but I have some ideas. I'm leaning towards a general attack type spell anyway (or some variation thereof), since it's important that you be able to get by relying on magic if that's the path you choose, and attacking is kind of what you'd need to do that. Although that is kinda boring, and there already are a few ways to attack...
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