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  Goings On 07:23 PM -- Wed January 18, 2006  

I'll get a sneak peek relatively soon, but here's the latest Toonyland news: Every single skill is now implemented, except the mysterious missing spell! That's 39 wondrously exciting and action-packed skills to enjoy! Wheeeee! There are also 3 quests now, although the person that gives you one of them doesn't exist, so it would be hard to do that quest (especially since it is to collect some items that also don't exist).

I've also finally gotten back on an official schedule which means I've been doing Dumb puzzles. I have 3 ready to go, so this weekend or next week, I'll put up however many I've got. I'm really stuck on what other ones to do. It's hard to invent puzzles! Speaking of which, I plan to have very very few in Loonyland 2. Much more RPG and action.

I've finished my first book for the year, The Best Of SF 8. Short story collection. Not much to say about it, since it is a short story collection, other than "why were these stories picked!?" There were a few good ones, a few enormously incomprehensible ones that I'm clearly not smart enough for, and some really bad ones. On the whole, seemed like a waste. Now I'm reading Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz, which I've heard good things about so much. It was way overly flowery to begin with (I'll have to share some quotes of how ridiculous it was), but once some actual action started happening, it has become quite engrossing. I'm about 3/4 done already!
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