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  Philatelism 04:36 PM -- Fri October 20, 2006  

Hey, check out this forum thread. I'm suggesting the possibility of a Collector's Edition of Loonyland 2 with some wondrous bonuses. Vote in the poll, so I can see who would actually pay so much extra for that stuff. Please be honest and lean towards a no, because I don't want to end up with a garage full of strategy guides sitting around. Right now the votes are immensely favoring "I WANT IT!", but I don't trust those votes. I think most people when faced with "game, $24.95" and "game with bonus goodies, $60" (guessing it'll be $50-60, depends on the costs), very few will actually be interested enough in the bonus. I'm not doing it for the money - it will basically be game price+actual costs of bonus stuff (and nevermind the tons of extra labor involved in making the commentary!). I just like the idea of having something really cool for big fans. But anytime you get into all that real stuff to be shipped around, there's the risk of leftover inventory. Scary stuff! For me.

This past week, I've been alternating my computer setup from normal to standing mode. In standing mode, I set the monitor up on a crate, and the keyboard and mouse up on boxes, so that the whole thing is lined up for me to stand rather than sit. I can't leave it that way all the time - it wears my legs out, and it's murder on the soles of my feet (can you imagine, I have to wear shoes while working this way! What's next, pants?). So I'm flipping it back and forth every day at lunch time. I do find I'm more productive sitting, because I'm not constantly taking breaks to go sit in the window. But the standing is really good for me, especially the lower back, which muscles I need to take care of because I had a big disc problem there years ago. It's interesting to compute standing. Give it a try! It can definitely be a pain to switch around though. I'm glad I happened to find 3 perfect boxes for it, all of them are exactly the right height, and the cords can all reach just far enough.

Warning: next month is Nanowrimo! Are you in!? I'm doing it again. I have a very basic idea for my novel this time. Not even really a plot, but a couple of characters and a setting. Should be interesting. I even bought the book No Plot? No Problem! by the Nanowrimo creator. It's a pretty rainbowy sunshine book, but it's got some good advice in it nonetheless. So hopefully LL2 will be done enough to let me waste lots of time noveling next month. I guess I better get cracking.
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