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  Sneak Peek: Loonyland II: Winter Woods 05:07 PM -- Thu April 20, 2006  

Tired of this shot yet?

A slow work day. The axe shop is finally completely done (but could be polished a lot) and some other odds and ends happened. Shortly thereafter, I went back in to play again, to see what was next, and voila - nothing was! There are no more quests I can complete. So that should mean it's time to add the next round of quests and places to go. But wait! It doesn't!

You see, all this time, the game has had no sound effects. Well, there are sounds, but they're all Loonyland sounds, and frankly I'm really tired of every single enemy making Bonehead sounds. There are also many skills that have no special effects, and other rough edges visually and sonically like that. So instead of moving on, what I'm going to do is finish up the small portion of game I have. I'm going to make all the sounds, put in the effects for all the currently attainable skills, get art in for the potions and other items that lack it, and even put in the music.

And that's where you come in if you want. I'm going to get the music from royalty-free music sites. On these sites, you pay around $30 per song to buy a song, and then you have the right to use that song freely in your game. The only downside is that anybody else can buy it too, so your game may not be unique, but I don't care, as long as it sounds good! That's where the music in Ninja Academy came from as well, and you know that was fun music. So here's the deal: I have decided to go with a very swing/big band/bebop/whatever sound for this game, because it's extremely silly, and it's lively and fun. I don't know exactly what I want to use, and you are free to give your input. All these sites allow you to listen to song samples online, so you can check them out. Here are the sites I'm looking at:

Flying Hands
Fresh Music
Shockwave Sound
Sound Rangers

I'm looking for something slow and easy for the town (I was rather enjoying "Watch Her Walk" from the Flying Hands site, in fact, but I haven't checked out much yet), and more energetic actiony stuff for adventuring. Hear anything you like? What says Loonyland to you? The important thing is swing - I don't want generic RPG fantasy noise. I don't know how many different adventure themes I'll have, maybe 3-4? Not sure where the dividing lines should be on those, but I'll figure something out. Too many songs really fattens up the download, so it is to be avoided on that count. Too few songs drives the player insane, so that's another issue.
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