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  Late To The Party 12:03 PM -- Thu November 29, 2007  

I now have 1555 words done of a Nanowrimo novel! Think I'll finish by... tomorrow? I just had this idea that's been simmering a bit, and I finally tried some words. It's pretty fun, I think I'll continue with it later, though I'm sure it will never go anywhere.

What made me start on that is my new plan to make me do work (hopefully you recall that I come up with such plans about once a month, and they last for about a week). I needed one because after a big Thanksgiving break (a full week of guests and activities), I just wasn't able to get back into work. So I created this latest. It's a thing done in The Journal, where I insert a template into my Daily Journal. The template prints the current time, and a random task from a huge list I made of very specific tasks of all the different things I need to do (and a few things for fun). So I work on what it tells me until I either finish or peter out and stop working on it. No rules on how long I need to stick with it. When this happens, I just drop in another random task. In this way, things will get done! They will!! So the first thing to pop up was to work on writing. This Journal entry can also count as that, I suppose. The cool thing then is that at the end of the day, it doubles as a record of what I accomplished automatically.

I think all my Christmas shopping is now done. That's how good I am. Now just waiting for most of it to be shipped!

Augh, the next task I drew was Kitty Litter. Oh well.
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