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  Boo! Halloween Events! 08:19 PM -- Mon October 13, 2008  

Man, what a great month this always is. It's getting spooky outside (obnoxiously cold too... I miss open windows and being sweaty hot way back last week), with a massive windstorm all day whipping across the land and howling like a wolfman in need of candy corn. There's a Costume Party in the works, and make sure you're getting ready for it yourself, because the prize is no less than 995 Yerfbucks!. The Great Pumpkin is stalking the land with horrific cheer and terrifyingly delightful gifts for anyone who chats with him. It's a whole lot of Halloween Horror... Why, you could almost say that it's the Best Halloween Ever!

Yes, I don't have a lot to tell you this month. I've been working extremely hard. So hard, in fact, that I'm considering a sort of semi-vacation for November (hmm, conveniently the month of Nanowrimo!). The site upgrades (no, there's nothing visible) were absolutely necessary to get certain things working. Too bad they also broke the site in various ways for a few days. It's kind of lame to be doing so much stuff and not having anything I can blog about, but I guess that's the nature of sekricy. Sorry! I would enjoy telling you as much as you would enjoy hearing! But then that would ruin the enjoyment for both of us on Halloween!
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