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  Sneak Peek: Winter Pack 11:40 AM -- Thu November 6, 2008  

Man, when was the last time I did a sneak peek!? It feels so odd. Here are the elements I've created so far for the Winter Pack. From left to right, that is:
  • Laser Tree - shoots DEADLY LASER BEAMS from its star. It's the vertical equivalent of the Deadly Tree. There is no downward-shooting version, and I am not so sure one is necessary! Although there could be Missile Toe...
  • Ice - Slippery, of course! It's possible to build up an unlimited amount of speed on ice (provided you have walls to bounce off of), and then when you jump, you go flying incredible distances.
  • Icicles - When shot, they fall down, and work as crates (crushing those beneath them, working as platforms). As you can also see, they float in water! That gives you a handy way across. Interestingly, Icicles are perfectly content to hang in midair like bricks do, until they get shot. It makes for some unique platforming situations.
  • Santa costume - Just like the other costumes!
  • Water - Hop in. Everything moves slower in water, and gravity is greatly reduced. It feels really 'right' to me. You also get a breath meter, which runs out scarily fast!
  • Bubbles - Luckily, there are bubbles, which can restore your breath. Not the floating ones, though. You have to stand on the bubble source to get breath back.
  • Gifts - Push down when you are Santa to set these on the ground. You have a limit of 10 of them active at once, and they can't be overlapping.
  • Santa! - There he is, at last. It was tricky getting to where I am in this shot. As I've mentioned before, Santa drops gifts, and then presses the action button to detonate them all. You can stand near edges to drop your gifts on guys down below too. And of course, blowing up the gifts under you (as I am about to do in the picture) rockets you skyward. These two gifts are enough to get me almost up to the ledge in front of me. Santa can jump, but he only goes up 3 pixels. Even underwater, it's not enough to get up a block! Jumping right before you detonate can give you a tiny extra boost, though. If you line up a bunch of gifts and explode with you in the middle, you can go about half the screen in height!
That's the Winter Pack so far! I am going to make the Snowman today, who will throw snowballs that freeze enemies temporarily, making them useful stepladders. Or at least I'm going to try that. I thought that made more sense with freezing breath, but snowballs will be a lot more useful (and with the arcing effect, you can hit things below you!). I am considering the idea of letting him freeze the water too, but that's a pretty big issue technically, and I am not sure it's worth the complexity (plus, one little snowball freezing up an entire lake?).
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